A Complete Guide to Learn About the Grades and Types of Pearls

Pearls are available in different sizes, colour and grades. You need to take good care of these delicate jewellery pieces, so as to keep them in the best form for several years. In this article, we will tell you more about pearl’s grades, types, colour and care.

Different types of pearls

Akoya is genuine salt water pearl that comprises of bead and tissue. It has a white colour with varying overtones of gold, cream, green, silver, blue, and rose. South Sea pearls are another type of saltwater pearls that has both bead and tissue. It comes in natural silver, pink, white, cream, and golden colour.

Freshwater cultured pearls comprise of tissue in several natural colours such as white, gold, cream, pink, silver, lavender, rose, tangerine, plum, and mocha. Tahitian is a saltwater pearl available in grey, green, and purple colours. The beautiful black pearls are Tahitian too. You can also visit the website Pearlsonly.co.uk for information about genuine pearls.

Taking care of Pearls

To keep your pearl in a safe way, you can store them in a soft cloth. This will reduce its contact with different types of chemical based personal care products such as hairspray, perfume, makeup, etc. By doing this, your pearl will maintain its shine and lustre throughout the life. When you take your pearls from the cloth, it is required to wipe them using a soft damp cloth. This will wash away any harmful build-up on them.

Choosing the right colour

Choosing the right pearl colour enhances your beauty. It does not impact the quality of the pearl. Seaside pearls offer rare colours on a limited basis. Due to their unusual colours like blue, they are relatively pricey than other types. Pearls are offered in a variety of grades such as AAA, AA and A depending on its purity, quality and flawless look. AAA is the highest grade and ‘A’ being the lowest grade.

It is important to choose good quality and genuine pearls among various types, colours and grades of pearl available.